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The Story

One Mission Mercantile was established in February of 2018 through an intricately woven story that only God could have authored. God is the master weaver and can bring all things together for the good of all those who love Him and are called according to his purpose. 

In September of 2016, after the tragic death of a beautiful young lady name Katie Beth Carter, God led a small group to Tomas Borge, Nicaragua to help build a school.

As we worked in the community to build relationships and get the school  started, God began opening doors and answering prayers. God kept saying with each new door, I need more from you. There is more that needs to be done here and I have prepared the way. Trust me. Keep faith and be my hands and feet.


The sewing room was created as a way to teach a skill set to the women in the neighborhood in the hopes of giving them a way to earn a steady income that they could use to support  their families. By teaching these women a skill they could use to bring in a better income for their family, their children wouldn’t have to drop out of school to go to work collecting recyclables or in the fields.

While the final touches were being made to the school in the fall of 2017, Yasmina Garcia, our sewing instructor was praying and working on a plan to teach sewing out of her home so that she could help women in her community. In December, the director of Nicamerican missions heard about Yasmina’s skill set and went to offer her the sewing instructor position.  Yasmina is a real blessing to the program and her community. She works hard to keep the atmosphere positive while pushing the women to master their skills, even when they want to quit.


God knew there was more to do than keep children in school and teach women in Tomas Borge how to sew. When we sat down to get to know the first group of women that were in the sewing group and share with them our dream for One Mission Mercantile,  we learned just how mighty our God can be when He’s working on His children. 

Our mission wants to do everything with intention while staying focused on relationships.  “I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.  I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself.” Colossians 2: 2

Some of our leaders sat down with the first group of women to get to know them.  They shared their testimonies and then the women shared about themselves. Each of these women have a story, some of them difficult to hear, but still precious and beautiful.  Our prayer for these women is that they continue to grow in their walk with Christ and truly understand how much they are loved and cherished. We want them to know that their stories matter and that God is taking the messy parts of all of our lives and weaving them together for His great story - His tapestry.  We are each unique pieces of thread that somehow when woven together, support the other and form the beautiful body that works together for His glory.   We are ONE!