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The Artisans


Antonia is 49 years old and has been with her partner for 26 years. They have four children and three grandchildren. Her oldest granddaughter attends Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute and wants to be a doctor.

Antonia loves making blessings bags and has a smile and sweet presence that is a real blessing in the sewing room. Antonia prays that she can be baptized, her partner will come to Christ and they can be married.

"Through all of you and this opportunity I have learned about loving others without expecting anything in return. Because of your organization, I have learned to show the love of God above all things, and I have learned to make skirts, shirts, and bags so I can make my own money. Thank you for teaching us all these things and may God bless you all."


Elda is 33 years old and has been married to her husband for 17 years. Elda has two children and her oldest attends KBCMI. Elda loves working at OMM making jewelry and macrame products.

"I thank God for the opportunity he has given. I have found peace and joy in the sewing room and am proud to call the other women of OMM my family."


Sandra is 48 years old and has been married for 16 years. Sandra and her husband have two children. Sandra enjoys working with OMM because she has such a good relationship with the women.

"I give thanks to God for placing you in this project. It has been a lot of help for me because I have learned to sew and do things I couldn't do before. May God bless you."


Rosi is 22 years old and the mother of a beautiful baby girl. While working and raising her daughter, Rosi is attending a local university to earn her accounting degree. Rosi dreams to own her own business. Rosi's favorite thing about working with OMM is the time with the other ladies and being able to learn more about macrame and jewelry making.